The show that connects

Events are experiences that remain in the head and in the heart. This is because they possess a characteristic that makes them a very powerful instrument of communication: they create immediate and involving relationships that convey meaning. This is why we decided to become specialists in organising meetings, road shows, national exhibits and internationally acclaimed awards.

And that is not all. Events are a fantastic instrument because you can easily measure their costs and benefits.

In fact, on one hand you have the production expenses. Whereas on the other, you have the financial returns. Both immediate and more comprehensive. In fact, the effect of events does not simply wear off at the end. Specifically in the historic moment in which we live, this instrument allows us to place a wealth of content in our strongbox that:

  • continues to live after the show has ended;
  • can be shared;
  • increases and improves the digital presence;
  • generates word of mouth;
  • sets the company apart from the competitors.

Today, events are a rapidly growing tool. We have considered them to be essential for more than twenty years, organising and directing them. Scroll down the page to discover how we create them.

Smart Building Roadshow

Talk show Sky

Analysis and planning

Smart Building Roadshow

Associazione Industriali Vicenza

Incontri Smart Installer

HD Forum Italia

Conferenza Milano

Conception and design

Talk show: il futuro della televisione



Premio Smart Building

All Digital – Smart Building


Evento Mitsubishi



Inaugurazione nuova sede Parigi


HD Forum Italia

San Marino Expo Milano


Mostra del Cinema di Venezia

Smart Building Expo


Jury Eutelsat TV Awards


Meeting Transportation Research

Board Washington DC

Eutelsat TV Awards

Proiezione video 3D — Roma

Presentazione Year Book — Fiera Vicenza